Creating a Short Tracking Links for All of Your Social Channels​​​​​​​

How does click tracking work?

When you create a new tracking link, it will link to the "destination URL" also called "Landing page"

As an example, if your destination URL (the link you need to track) is and the video link generated is, the user will be redirected by when he/she clicks on the tracking link. Use the tracking link instead of the destination URL to track clicks, links and views in any marketing message such as blog posts, web pages, Facebook, Twitter, emails, etc.

Our Click Tracking is a web-based service requiring no software to install, or code to write.

IMPORTANT: If you’re using tracking links in email marketing campaigns there is a higher probability of your emails avoiding spam folders when you use a dedicated domain like ours ( Garweb.Click ) & ( Garweb.Link ). Our dedicated domains are more likely to be trusted than generic URL shortened domains that could be viewed as suspicious or blacklisted.

Social Channels

tracking link is a unique shortened link created to track clicks and or redirect to the destination URL.

Click Tracking Links

If you would like to set-up one or more dedicated tracking domains to use for your business, please ask us about this tracking feature upgrade.

Can I use my own dedicated domain to create tracking links? (vanity URL)

Yes' - You need a dedicated domain name. This feature does not work with domains already used for other purposes.

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